Do you have a floral skirt that is popular in 2021?

June 03, 2021

Unknowingly, it's the season when the grass grows up and the warblers fly. As long as there is free space, the sky will never lack kites; as long as it is a women's clothing store, there will never be a shortage of floral skirts.

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A few years ago, when the floral skirt was just popular, some people said that the floral skirt was very light and more elegant, and some people said that the floral skirt was very rustic and did not have a sense of fashion. After several years of rest, the floral skirt will make a comeback in 2021.

This time, people finally discovered its beauty-soft texture and fresh patterns, coupled with overcoats or small suits, can be sweet or salty, and it is good to become a fairy in a second or commute to work.


Do you want to bid farewell to the bloated winter and show off your cute swaying figure? Hurry up and own a floral skirt! You know, no broken flowers, no spring and summer!

Many people say that this kind of flower is too gorgeous. If this kind of flower is fresher, it will look better if the color is lighter! If it is on the computer graphics software, you can produce N kinds of patterns in minutes, which can definitely meet your requirements.


So, with the pattern, how to print it on the beautiful dresses?


Fedar digital printing machine provides a complete set of perfect solutions for garment printing. Let's look at the printing process of textile printer machine:

Fedar digital printing machin

Understand now! Regardless of technological innovation, digital printing machines have become more and more widely used in the field of clothing. The color fastness of the pattern after the thermal transfer process is higher, and the gloss and three-dimensional feeling are better.


And it belongs to the outstanding digital printing machine-Fedar Textile Printing brand. It has been committed to building high-end equipment and constantly exploring new technologies to solve the pain points of the printing industry. The latest FD5328E digital printing machine is equipped with eight original genuine Epson I3200- A1 nozzle, the printing speed can reach 420㎡/h. In addition, Fedar Spinyin's models cover four-head, six-head and other equipment, and users can choose the right model according to their needs.


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Fedar digital printing machin