Fedar Printing Machine Best-selling Model Recommendation

June 10, 2021

Gorgeous exit in May, June has arrived! The hot summer has officially started, and the sales of Fedar are rushing all the way, and the results are gratifying. Today, the editor will give you an inventory of the 6 best-selling models of Fedar digital fabric printer in May. Come and see if there is any Fedar digital printing machine you are using!


1.FD61915E 15-head high-speed digital printing machine
Equipped with fifteen Epson I3200-A1 nozzles
Printing speed exceeded 610㎡/h
Ten thousand meters winding and unwinding system
Order tool for large printing factories


2.FD6198E 8-head digital printing machine
Equipped with eight Epson I3200-A1 nozzles
1.9m mainstream printing width
Printing speed 370㎡/h
HD picture output
High stability and high speed

Fedar Digital Printing Machine

3.FD5228E 8-head digital printing machine
Intelligent drying system makes printing dry worry-free
Multiple intelligent designs such as liquid level alarm system
First-class configuration such as THK ultra-quiet linear guide, Leisai servo brushless integrated motor, etc.
Printing speed 385㎡/h


4.FD5268E Eight-head digital printing machine
Pneumatic shaft automatic rewinding and unwinding system
Free up workers' hands and improve printing efficiency
External intelligent air-heat integrated dryer
Printing speed exceeded 400㎡/h


5.FD5328E Ultra-wide 8-head digital printing machine
3.2m ultra-wide 8-head digital printing machine
High-strength industrialized body
Printing speed 420㎡/h
Order benefits in the field of home textiles

6.FD65-2 Heat Transfer Machine
The machine is compact and fully functional
Equipped with 2 Epson I3200-A1 print heads
Integrated high-power motor to ensure smooth movement of the trolley under the premise of increased speed
A must for DIY clothing entrepreneurs

Fedar Digital Printing Machine

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Fedar Digital Printing Machine