Fedar heat transfer printer nozzle missing

September 10, 2020

In the process of using fedar heat transfer printer, it is inevitable that nozzle missing will occur. How to solve this problem? Fedar heat transfer printer manufacturers provide you with solutions.

Fedar Heat Transfer Printer Nozzle Missing

The reason why fedar heat transfer printer nozzle missing:

1. The nozzle circuit is burned out.

2. The nozzle is really blocked.
3. In the ink delivery pipeline, the remaining ink residue is blocked.
4. The preheat value is not enough.


The solution is as follows:

1. If the nozzle circuit is burned out, fedar heat transfer printer will automatically detect and compensate, so that fedar heat transfer printer can still maintain good printing results.
2. If the nozzle is clogged, first try to clean nozzle with an ultrasonic cleaner or hot distilled water.
3. If the blocked nozzle cannot be removed, manual nozzle compensation must be used.

Even if 2-3 nozzles of each color are burnt out or clogged, using automatic or manual nozzle compensation can keep fedar heat transfer printer with good printing results, without the need to replace the ink cartridge immediately.
4. Clean each ink delivery pipeline with distilled water.
5. The uneven ink jet from right to left caused by low room temperature can increase the preheat value.
6. Regularly clean up the residue in the large ink tank (recommended once a month).
7. Use original fedar heat transfer printer ink.

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