New products are coming! Fedar 61915E 15-head digital printing machine, refreshing the industrial printing speed!

June 09, 2021

In 2020, Fedar many eight-head machines are highly sought after by the market and become the first choice for many printing factories to purchase Fedar digital printing machine. FD5268E, FD6198E, FD5228E and other eight-head Fedar digital printing machine with different widths and different printing speeds have become the mainstream in the market. At the same time, the Fedar Printing team did not relax the pace of research and development. In March, it launched the ultra-wide 3.2m FD5328E  digital fabric printer.

Fedar Digital Printing Machine

According to relevant industry reports, with the continuous improvement of digital printing technology and the continuous release of quality and differentiated consumer demand, digital printing equipment has entered a peak period of upgrading-the proportion of digital printing equipment with high speed, high precision and strong stability Continue to rise, and the elimination of low-speed digital printing machines accounted for more than 80%.


Speed has obviously become an essential feature of high-end digital printing. Under such an industry background, the Fedie Textile Printing team stepped up to follow the industry trend and launched a mainstream high-end digital printing machine with a width of 1.9 meters, equipped with 15 Epson I3200-A1 printheads, and a printing speed of over 600 square meters per hour.

The speed is doubled, whether the printing material can be dried in time, and the machine can maintain the stable operation as always, has become the most concerned issue of the printing people. If these two technical barriers can be solved perfectly, then this 15-head digital printing machine will surely become a vane in the digital printing industry in 2021.

Fedar Digital Printing Machine

Can FD61915E really refresh the industrial-grade speed of 600 square meters perfectly and reliably? of course!


1, it is aimed at the drying system.

Equipped with a dual drying system, the maximum power can reach 10800W (the drying power of the same eight-head model is 7200W), which ensures the synchronization of printing and drying, making the printing screen truly dry and worry-free!


2, it focuses on operational stability.

This model adopts self-developed printhead multi-row arrangement, matched with high-strength industrialized body, and matched with THK ultra-quiet linear guide, Japanese NSK bearing, German igus ink chain and German Raison brushless integrated motor, etc. The configuration makes the machine run more stable and reliable, and the output pattern is more beautiful and lifelike.


In addition, this model can carry a 10,000-meter retractable system, which makes retractable materials easy and free, and improves work efficiency.


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Fedar Digital Printing Machine