Reason why display screen of large DTF printer does not light up

March 17, 2022

Display screen of large DTF printer has an indication function. We can choose what we want to operate according to display screen, but sometimes display screen of large DTF printer does not light up. What is reason?

Large DTF Printer

1. Power on

Power on, Epson 3200 DTF printer starts normally but display does not light up, there may be a problem with LCD screen connection cable, and LCD screen circuit needs to be checked at this time.


2. No power on

①power cord of large DTF printer is too loose, causing large DTF printer not to start. At this time, display screen of panel is not bright. You need to check whether power cord is well connected.

②fuse of large DTF printer is blown. When fuse is blown, Epson 3200 DTF printer cannot be started normally, and control panel display will certainly not light up. fuse wire needs to be replaced at this time.

Epson 3200 DTF Printer

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