Solutions to common problems of fedar sublimation printer

September 15, 2020

In the use of fedar sublimation printer, there will be various problems, which will affect work of sublimation printer. Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer summarized some common problems for your reference.


1. Printhead drops ink of fedar sublimation printer
①Air in printhead is not cleaned, so it needs to be pumped several times.
②Ink tube interface does not fit well and needs to be reinserted or replaced.
③Printhead is leaking, you need to find out where air is leaking and seal it with glue.


2. Picture is blurred of fedar sublimation printer

Electrostatic interference(static safety voltage is within three volts)


3. Regular nozzle missing when printing pictures on fedar sublimation printer
①Car board is unstable.
②Printhead position is wrong.


4. Common English errors of fedar sublimation printer
①Internal ERROR shutdown Bad carriage paper sensor (car board or paper tester is not properly inserted and contact is bad)
②Internal ERROR shutdown Carriage Axis Failure (motor is in poor contact and needs to be reinserted or motor is damaged)
③Internal ERROR shutdown CB LOLT 01RANGE LL:0 (paper tester is not in good contact, it needs to be re-inserted or replaced)
④IMP assoservice: unexpected REQ (poor or damaged paper feed sensor)


5. Size of printing picture is wrong
First press auxiliary function menu → effective standard menu → vertical axis of the drawing → change default value of 83.82.


Note that if graph is longer, number will be increased, and if the graph is small, the number will be decreased (Note, change in decimals when changing, press per millimeter to change 0.1) Be sure to save after modification.


6. Adjust the display and language of fedar sublimation printer
①To adjust display, first press the fourth button on the right to exit. Press several times to make sure to exit completely. Press the 4 2 1 3 button on the right and then the 2 or 4 button on the left to call it up.
②For language adjustment, first press the fourth button on the right to exit. Press several times to make sure to completely exit. Press the right 4 2 1 and then press the 2 or 4 button on the left to call up.


7. Computer port of fedar sublimation printer settings
Open BOOS, first select Inteyrated peyipherals, then superio device, then parallel portmode {ECP}, and finally press F10 to save settings.

Solutions to Problems of Fedar Sublimation Printer