The correct switch machine habit keeps the digital printing machine in its best condition for a long time

July 30, 2021

Large-format digital printing machine is a relatively expensive precision instrument. To enable it to print exquisite large-format color images, it must work in the best condition. The important condition to keep textile printer in the best printing condition for a long time is to operate according to the chapter and be diligent in maintenance.

Large-format Digital Printing Machine
Although the use of large-format digital printing machines is not complicated, users still need to develop the habit of strictly following the instructions to complete the entire operation, especially to develop the correct habit of turning on and off the machine. For users, turning on and off is the simplest operation, but it is also the most important maintenance measure. There are many control keys on the printer panel, as well as a power switch key. The power switch is not directly connected to the external power source, but controls the external power source through its own related controls.


Whenever the printer is turned on or off, the printer must perform system initialization. These initialization tasks include positioning and resetting the nozzles and printing paper, detecting whether the top cover of the digital printing machine panel is closed, filling the ink tank nozzles with ink, and automatically cleaning the print heads.

Large-format Digital Printing Machine

When the power switch on the digital printing machine is turned on, the system can correctly position the print head and the printing paper after initialization, and the system will automatically reset the print head and printing paper after the initialization when shutting down, which not only ensures the normal operation of the digital printing machine , Reduce the failure rate and eliminate hidden troubles, extend the service life of the digital printing machine, but also reduce the cost of printing consumables and equipment maintenance costs, greatly improving work efficiency. If the user forcibly pulls out the power plug and shuts down the digital printing machine when it is powered on, the print head cannot be reset and the top cover cannot be covered, which will easily cause the print head positioning failure. What users need to pay attention to here is that the large-format digital printing machine has a large frame, light weight, and a roller, which is very mobile. When plugging in the power cord, it must be placed in a place that is not easy to touch to avoid accidental damage. The power is dropped instead of shutting down normally.


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Large-format Digital Printing Machine