What to pay attention to of Fedar DTF printer?

December 15, 2021

Users who have DTF pet film printer know that Maintop is a professional picture typesetting software, and each picture needs to be typeset and edited in Maintop before printing. So before DTF film printer prints, how to typeset in Maintop software, and what should be paid attention to?

DTF Pet Film Printer

We need to know which image file formats are supported by Maintop Software of DIY DTF printer. Common image file formats supported by Maintop are JPG, TIF, etc. It does not support import, typesetting and printing of PDF, PSD, CDR, AI, DWG and other files. Therefore, after artwork design is completed, designer can save artwork in JPG, TIF format. On one hand, it is convenient to check image color after image is output, on other hand, it can facilitate image transmission. In addition, color mode of picture must be CMYK, CMYK is printing color.


Use Maintop Software to import pictures in English operating system. Name of picture file or name of folder where picture and text is located must use letters or numbers. Otherwise, a prompt may appear that Maintop software cannot import pictures and an open error appears.

DIY DTF Printer

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