Why does DTF printer burn printhead?

February 24, 2022

DTF printer will encounter situation of burning printhead during use, which will affect printing progress and increase cost. So what is reason for this?

Large DTF Printer

1. Ground wire. Main purpose of ground wire is to prevent accumulation of static electricity in machine itself. Once excessive static electricity is difficult to discharge from DTF printer, it will cause problems such as burning printhead and board of large DTF printer.


2. Voltage and current overload. This kind of situation often occurs in peak period of electricity consumption, especially in summer, please be sure to install a voltage stabilizer to prevent problems before they occur.


3. Frequent switch on and off. Current at moment of turning on DTF printer has an impact on machine itself. Frequent turning on and off will only increase burden on printhead, or even burn it. The recommended interval is five minutes.


4. There is air in ink tube. Air bubbles in ink tube are main culprit that causes printhead to burn empty. Therefore, it is very important to master correct inking skills of 70cm DTF printer.


5.High temperature. Main manifestations are: overload operation for a long time or room temperature is too high, it is recommended to shut down for repair or turn on air conditioner to reduce temperature.

70cm DTF Printer

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