FD5196E Dye Sublimation Printer


Model: FD5196E Dye Sublimation Printer

Printhead: 6*EPSON I3200-A1

Printhead Resolution: 3200DPI

Printing Speed: 240sqm/hr

Ink: Sublimation Ink,Pigment Ink

Media:Transfer Paper,Poster Paper

RIP Software: Maintop, Photoprint,Neostampa,Onyx,etc.


  • 01
    6pcs EPSON I3200-A1 Printheads ,Max Speed 240sqm/hr by Fedar FD5196E Sublimation Printer

    Very crazy and amazing printhead,mutifunctionally,accept almost all ink in the market,including eco solvent ink,water-based indoor ink,sublimation ink and even UV ink!

    Especially for sublimation printer,besides the above,it has advantages as belows,

    A.Printing width of EPS3200 is 1.3 inch,about 30% wider than DX5,printing speed can reach 250sqm/h with 8heads,also with 3200 nozzles(400*8lines),it has much higher speed and resolution than Dx5.

    B.EPS3200 printhead adopts TFP technology,with the smallest droplet 2.5PL,variable dots technology,can ensure perfect and high resolution printing performance.

    C.EPS3200 printhead has very cheap price,only about 300-350USD/pc now,which helps client reduce cost to get more benefit!

    D.Compared with Epson 5113 heads,the ink column makes hoses connection much easier and more simple,very convenient maintenance.

    Sublimation Textile Printer

      Impresora de sublimación, Fedar impresora, impresora de gran formato, cabezal de EPS3200/EPSON 4720, maquina de textil directa, tinta de sublimación

  • 02
    Anti-collision Car For Fedar FD5196E Sublimation Printer With 240Sqm/hr speed.

    The distance between printhead and printing platform can be adjusted freely according to different printing consumables. Anti-collision devices are added at both ends to provide more comprehensive safety protection for printheads.

      Sublimation Printer

  • 03
    Advanced Capping Station For Fedar FD5196E Sublimation Printer with Epson 4720 heads

    Head position is staggered on carriage plate,which is easier for calibration and adjustment

      Sublimation printer

  • 04
    High Quality THK mute guide rail and slider for Fedar FD5196E Sublimation Printer with Epson 4720 heads

    More stable running,longer working life,lower noise.higher resolution,and fewer errors in length.

      Sublimation Textile Printer

  • 05
    Leadshine Motor for Fedar FD5196E Sublimation Printer with Epson 4720 heads

    Both the servo and stepping systems are driven by high-quality brushless integrated Leadshine motor with high-precision linear decoding, smaller error,higher precision and more stable operation.

    Sublimation Textile Printer

  • 06
    Large Capacity & Two Stage Ink Reservoirs for Fedar FD5196E Sublimation Printer with Epson 4720 heads

    Four units of 3L super large capacity ink reservoirs provide ink independently and continuously, which guarantees the long-term continuity of ink output,and keep wide format high-speed printing wonderfully.

    Two stage ink supply system provides more guarantee for non-stop ink output.

    Sublimation Textile Printer

  • 07
    Intelligent Air-heat Dryer for Fedar FD5196E Sublimation Printer with Epson 4720 heads

    Intelligent air-heat integrated dryer, two-stage heating, middle warm air and smart start-stop technology, ensure the drying performance and more energy-saving at the same time.

      Sublimation Textile Printer

  • 08
    Air Shaft Media Feeding and Take-up System for Fedar FD5196E Sublimation Printer with Epson 4720 heads

    When working it’s not necessary to fix the printing media with other accessories, just use the pressure of air to adjust automatically,which can offer uniform force to make the paper movement smoother. This  system has the characteristics of 

    1. large load bearing capacity.

    2. long service life.

    3. Uniform force on media feeding and collecting.

    4. Short aeration and deflation operation time, etc.

      Sublimation Textile Printer

  • 09
    Wide Application for Fedar FD5196E Sublimation Printer with Epson 4720 heads, Fedar Printer

    With help of heat transfer machine,printed images can be transferred to many different non-elastic material, such as polyester,chiffon, silk, and flag banner. No limit on the patterns makes it a good choice in decoration, garment and advertising field.

    Zhengzhou New Century Digital Technology Co., Ltd.,

Technical Parameters

Printer Model  FD5196E
Printhead Type EPSON I3200-A1
Nozzle Qty 6pcs printheads
Printing Speed 2 pass 240 sqm/h
4 pass 120 sqm/h
Ink Color C M Y K
Type Dye Sublimation
Printing Width 1900mm
Printing Media Transfer Paper
Media Transfer Method Auto tension taking-up media device
Drying Method External independent dryer
Moisture Mode Auto capping pump moisture
RIP Software Maintop6.0,Photoprint,Onyx,Wasatch and NeoStampa and etc.
Image Format JPG,TIF,PDF,BMP and etc.
Computer System WIN7 64bit/WIN10(ultimate/professional)
Hardware Hard disk:500G (system disk more than 100G) 
GPU:ATI Discrete 
Memory:4G or more
CPU:Intel i5/i7 processor
  Transmit Port Gigabit LAN
Work Environment Temperature 20-35 centi degree;  Humidity 35-65%
Power Input Voltage 210-230VAC  50/60HZ  16A
Printing system 1000W
Drying system Max power 3600W
Dimension Printer Dimension 2940*850*1550mm
Packing Dimension 3060*930*980mm





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